The “Recycom x Hotels” program is Recycom’s innovation and is aimed exclusively at hotel and clothing leasing businesses that understand the value of recycling clothing and footwear and wish to actively participate in environmental protection and sustainability. Every day, large quantities of clothes, shoes, and clothing end up as garbage in Sanitary Landfills.

As provided by hotel companies, bed linen and towels are changed once or twice a year. Many of them do not have a place to dispose of the bed linen that is changed, so they are piled up in storage areas.

Recycom is leading the way with the “Recycom x Hotels” program, providing the solution to the problem.

In cooperation with hotel companies and clothing leasing companies, Recycom receives the bed linen, towels, bed sheets, and blankets that you no longer need and uses them, giving them a second life.


Recycom gives a second life through the recycling – reuse of all those fabrics that cannot be reused.


Reducing the huge amount of garbage that ends up in Sanitary Landfills
Saving financial resources and energy
Contributing to the creation of a cleaner and healthier environment
Promotion of environmentally friendly management and reuse of recyclable materials
Citizen awareness of the problem of waste in the immediate environment
Promotion of the recycling actions required by the European Union

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