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We make clothing recycling a habit!

Our Textile Boxes all over Greece
kg of clean clothing were donated for people in need just in 2022
More than 150 Partners (Municipalities & Companies)

With the motto “We make clothing recycling a habit!”, we treat recycling issues not as a fad, but with a deep sense of necessity.

In modern society, people’s consciousness must prevail, regarding the priority of the sustainable management of all raw and processed industrial materials, in the light of solidarity, care for people, environmental protection, and sustainability.

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Recycling Benefits

You support a lot by recycling

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According to  

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of the clothes we buy, are thrown into the trash and landfills!
Kilograms of clothes are thrown away by the average European every year!
kilograms of clothing prevented from landfilling from 2012 to today!
liters of water are needed to make one jean!


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