Who we are

RECYCOM ®, founded in 2012, and is the first Greek company operating an integrated management system for used clothing and footwear, with a scientific, professional and organized method. Our goal is to contribute dynamically to the formation of a clean, healthy and sustainable environment.
RECYCOM addresses recycling issues not like a fashion trend, but with a deep awareness of its necessity. In a modern society, the significance of the sustainable management of all raw and processed industrial materials must prevail, in the light of solidarity, care for the human welfare, environmental protection and sustainability. RECYCOM, in cooperation with fellow citizens, producers and supermarkets, charities and NGOs, local authorities and Public Organizations, retrieve used clothing and shoes items, which either by habit or by necessity, have so far ended in trash and landfills, and redistribute them by a contemporary way.
By placing particularly appealing red recycling bins in several places around Greece, our company promotes a positive approach, regarding recycling issues, and further invites everyone to stop being negligent. It’s so simple for all of us to open the bucket and place in it our used items, which otherwise will reach the trash bin!

With our proposal of clothes recycling, and with the appropriate management, only 2% ends up in the general rubbish, while the residuals are getting exported for recycle processing. Part of the textiles, unsuitable for reusable clothes, is used to generate cleaning clothes and tow. Additionally, the recycled textiles are useful to produce soundproofing and thermal insulation materials, workers’ uniforms, car seat fillings etc.
Furthermore, it worth noted that the recycling actions of RECYCOM are supporting the EU, by relieving the landfills, from a huge and burdensome volume of useful materials!

Objectives of RECYCOM

— Promoting environmentally friendly management and recycling of reusable materials for reducing waste production.
— Fighting the greenhouse effect and carbon dioxide emissions to tackle the threat of climate change.
— Contributing to energy savings
— Raising awareness of the problem of waste in the environment and more generally in the contemporary world, as an example of future responsible and aware citizens of our societies.
— Protect, conserve and restore green and free spaces in cities, forests, beaches and the natural environment in general.
— Spreading a more natural way of life.