How clothes are gathered

  RECYCOM places particularly elegant recycling bins (red color) in public places such as schools, municipalities and community councils, etc. Individuals or organizations that can offer hospitality in similar places and/or suggest suitable venues can contact us.
The garments are collected regularly by RECYCOM personnel and stored in our warehouses for the purpose of handling and shipping abroad.

What do we do with the clothes

After small sorting, the best clothes are offered free to indigent people in Greece.
Further, clothing is available for shipment to countries where there is an urgent need, such as natural disasters, war and so on.
The largest percentage is exported for re-use. Part of the material, unsuitable for reusable clothes, is recycled to produce cleaning cloths, towels, insulators, and other material.

Other Ways to Collect

⇒ Clothes are gathered and collected in small warehouses, or in other gathering places with local authorities, schools, social grocery stores, churches, charities, and non-profit organizations. In all cases, RECYCOM responds directly to the regular garment collection when a good volume is collected.

What we put in the RECYCOM red bins

Clothes and paired footwear (men, women, and children)

Linen (such as bed sheets, pillows, etc.)




What We DO NOT Put into RECYCOM Red Bins

Dirty clothes

Carpets and Scraps of Fabrics

Unpaired shoes

Organic waste / Plastic / Packaging Paper

Glass / Oil