With the slogan «Together we can make the difference», Recycom® addresses the recycling concerns, not like a fashion trend, but with deep awareness of its necessity. In a modern society, the conscience of the people must prevail, regarding giving priority to the sustainable management of all raw and processed industrial materials, in the light of solidarity, people’s welfare, environmental protection and sustainability. 

How we help

  • After a short selection, the finest clothes are offered, free of charge, to socially vulnerable groups of people, in Greece, in collaboration with community authorities, social grocery stores or other organizations.
  • We provide essential goods, in the social structures (social groceries – exchanges – kitchens) of the Municipalities throughout Greece. These could include food, hygiene items, gift certificates or a combination of the three.
  • We offer essential goods for the improvement of cities’ infrastructures.
  • We provide clothing or food, to meet basic needs in states of emergency, such as natural disasters.

What we throw in Recycom’s red bins       

“You can recycle clothing – footwear you do not need in RECYCOM’s highly refined red recycling bins! Red Bins are placed at specific points indicated by the Municipality and constitute a European patent, while their safe design prevents theft from being stolen their content and the bucket. “

How you can use the red recycling bins

Put your clean clothes, shoes or other fabrics in a clean bag.


Make sure the handle is pulled down and place your bag in the specially designed area.


Push the handle up and make sure the bag is in the bucket.

Environmental Benefits

Reduction of the huge volume of garbage resulting in landfills

Saving resources and energy

Contribution to creating a cleaner and healthier environment

Promotion of environmentally friendly management and recycling of recyclable materials by helping the socially vulnerable groups of the country by allocating some of the best quality clothes as well as by providing food to meet basic needs

Protection, conservation and restoration of green and free spaces in cities, forests, beaches and the natural environment in general

We thank all 32 Greek municipal authorities, social grocery stores, communities, businesses, schools and churches, who help to provide free food and clothing to thousands of fellow citizens, who are in need, and allows municipalities to receive financial contributions to strengthen social groceries. We also thank the tens of thousands of citizens who, recognizing RECYCOM’s deed, by offering generously the unnecessary clothes and placing them in the red recycling bins across Greece!